Vineyard Gothic

Angela Prout and Gavin Smith in front of the Grange Hall. —Gabrielle Mannino

Since September is here, and it’s one of our favorite months, The Local decided to get creative with the cover of this early fall edition. With the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby running through Oct. 13, and wedding season taking us well through the end of October, we decided to merge these two themes and create a Vineyarders version of “American Gothic.” You know — the classic painting of the husband and wife farmer, stoic expressions, pitchfork in hand, with the homestead out back.

We recruited Times employee Angela Prout and her husband Gavin Smith, who’s a private chef and avid angler, to help us re-create this vision.

There was an impending thunderstorm, and it was just a few days before deadline. Angela had the dress, and scored the veil on the ever-so-useful Facebook page “MV Stuff For Sale.” Gavin had the jacket, the waders, and several fishing rods to choose from. And what better homestead than the Island’s own Grange Hall? We were good to go.

Thanks to the brilliant photography of Gabrielle Mannino and the willingness of our two models, we were able to create “Vineyard Gothic.”

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