Edgartown man charged with possession of loaded gun

William Filene, of Edgartown, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition after State Police Trooper Dustin Shaw pulled him over for no inspection sticker. — Courtesy Dustin Shaw/Massachuset

An Edgartown man has been charged with possession of a handgun without a license and two counts of possession of ammunition without a license, according to a press release from Lt. Tom Ryan, a spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police.

State Trooper Dustin Shaw was on routine patrol on Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road Monday when he spotted a 2012 Mazda sedan with no inspection sticker. Trooper Shaw pulled the vehicle over shortly after 2 pm near Bold Meadow Lane in Edgartown. The driver was a 25-year-old Oak Bluffs woman.

The passenger, 30-year-old William Filene, opened the glove compartment to retrieve the car’s registration when Trooper Shaw observed a clear plastic box containing firearm ammunition inside the compartment. Trooper Shaw determined neither of the car’s occupants possessed a license to carry a firearm or a Firearm Identification Card. Both occupants initially told Trooper Shaw there was no gun in the vehicle.

After discovering the ammunition, Edgartown police responded to back up the stop. After further investigation and questioning, Trooper Shaw and Edgartown police officers learned that Filene was in possession of a firearm in the car. Officers recovered a Ruger LCP automatic handgun with a .380 caliber round loaded in the chamber in the passenger seat and center console. Additionally, the box in the glove compartment contained six .40 caliber rounds.

Filene was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. He was taken to and booked in the Dukes County House of Correction. The driver was issued a civil citation for driving without an inspection sticker.

Filene was released after posting $1,000 bail on Monday, according to Dukes County Lt. Colonel Durwood Araujo.


      • You missed the point – the ammunition does not fit the gun…or is there another gun floating around in that car?

  1. Stupid of this guy to have the ammo in clear view of the Statie.

    WHEN will American citizens in Massachusetts have their 2nd Amendment right recognized? I’ve looked all over the US Constitution, and I just can’t find the part that says you may exercise your Right IF the APPOINTED Police Chief in your podunk town allows you.
    What part of RIGHT does Massachusetts not understand?
    Just another tactic of the police and our corrupt court system to limit our freedom, and keep us on their police-state plantation.


    • “Keeping and bearing arms” are indeed rights, but carrying concealed is regulated by MGL 140, and IMO such regulation is needed – to which this incident bears witness.

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