Shared Space Project


Has your home-based business outgrown your house? Looking for a professional place to meet clients? Need access to specialized business equipment or services under one roof? According to a press release, a co-working space may be your answer. It offers access to professional office spaces (from shared desks to conference rooms, to private offices) and services based on your business needs. Unsure about committing to a long-term lease for your business space? The co-working space offers much greater flexibility to meet your business needs, especially if they change with the seasons.

Co-working spaces are rapidly growing across the country, from small towns to big cities. There are so many challenges of starting or growing an Island business, and the Shared Space Project wants to know what level of interest Island businesses and individuals have in these shared spaces. Please provide your thoughts on this online survey: It would provide Shared Space with the vital information needed to take the next steps in helping Island businesses find their space. If you have any questions, please contact Woody Filley at