Vineyard Scene: Artisans Festival’s friendly faces


Since 1995, Andrea Rogers has orchestrated the well-known and loved Vineyard Artisans Festival. It has grown steadily over the years, and now has about 60 booths every Thursday and Saturday at the Grange during the summer. The total swells to over 75 booths at the special holiday events, including last weekend’s Columbus Day Festival and the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend Festival and the annual Holiday Fair. Andrea recently told me that with a good economy and stock market, this past season was “great, despite the hot weather.” My wife Ronni and I used to be part of it for many years, until we began our own gallery. While I don’t miss the schlepping, I do miss the camaraderie. It’s like one big family of very talented craftspeople all gathered under one roof, all pulling for one another. It doesn’t get better than that!