Made on MVY: Peter Mallen


A longtime resident of Martha’s Vineyard, Peter Mallen is a professional visual artist who works in various media including sculpture, painting, and graphics. He recently completed a long, successful, and happy career as a scientific illustrator for a research foundation in Boston, and is now free to devote himself exclusively to his creative interests.

He is currently working in his Oak Bluffs studio on a series of large-format oil paintings that focus on the surface of water. Often working outside in nature, immersed in and surrounded by the ocean, he finds the Island a perfect environment to foster creativity and a love of nature.

Mallen’s bas-relief maps of molded handmade paper, lacquer, and gold leaf focus on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard, set like a jewel in the crystal waters of the Atlantic.
An inveterate traveler, Mallen spent the past year as both an international artist-in-residence and a working visual artist in Morocco, Greece, and France. He has taken advantage of these opportunities to experience widely different cultures, art, and people. And while the effect on his work has been positive and exciting, the Vineyard holds a special place as his home and inspiration.

View his work at Mallen welcomes visitors to his Oak Bluffs studio and sculpture garden by appointment; contact him at