Poet’s Corner: Obsessed with Spirits


By Nancy Langman

I’m obsessed with spirits

I know not what it means

They seem to surround me

It is not what it seems

I am not deluded, irrational or insane

I am just convinced they are around

I know not their faces or names

Their elusive presence abounds

Fleeting images frequently appear

Whispers of translucent white

Whimsy floating very near

Then disappearing like a kite

I know there is some truth

That has not been exposed

I trust the spirits intentions

That someday we will know

Who they are

and what they mean

and if they really

can really be seen

where they’ve been

and where they go

for sure someday

we will be in the know

Nancy Langman is a self-employed healthcare professional who dabbles in poetry and lives in Vineyard Haven with her husband, two cats, and a dog.