Trail app is now available on Android

Middle Ridge Preserve, one of the trails that will be part of a new TrailsMV app. — Virigina Morris

The TrailsMV app created by Sheriff’s Meadow is now available for folks with Android phones.

The app launched in June for IOS, and has more than 5,600 iPhone users, according to an email from Susan Hughes of the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. The app is available through Google Play, and will help navigate some of the Island’s nature trails.

In a story published earlier this year, The Times reported that the app maps as many as 200 miles of trails on the Island.

While Sheriff’s Meadow led the project, it worked collaboratively with the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

TrailsMV uses GPS to pinpoint your location, show the direction in which you are headed, and guide you to your destination, according to the previous story. With the entire Island trail network mapped and described within the app, it shows you how to get from one property to the next without getting lost, which offers the opportunity for longer adventures and for exploring new trails.

The app includes photographs from more than 20 different photographers, and information about each of the 110 properties, so someone who needs a flat trail can look for it ahead of time. Hours, and policies on dogs, are included.