Supporters don’t have all the information


I have to wonder if any of Laura Marshard’s “supporters” read the transcripts of the eight days of the Board of Bar Overseers hearing, the transcript of her appeal, and, finally, the transcript of the single justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court who upheld her suspension from the practice of law? Do they know that they “support” lying to the BBO in an ethics hearing (ironically, which is why the BBO and SJC considered it an aggravating factor in her sentencing)?

I have to wonder if they know that the cases that she was reported for (by Superior Court judges, by the way, not local clerks and attorneys, as local rumor would have it) all involved young, black males? (Coincidence?) I have to wonder if they know that a District Court judge granted a motion for funds for an investigator after finding probable cause to believe she tipped off the target of a no-knock search warrant involving multiple firearms and drugs because his mother was one of her best friends? By doing so, she endangered the lives of our local police officers who entered that house. These men, who are fathers and husbands in our community, are lucky they were not killed or shot. Do they truly support endangering local police with drug dealers’ guns? Perhaps when that investigation comes to an end, they will reconsider what and who they “support.”

Apparently what these individuals support are bullies targeting those around them and pointing fingers to deflect their wrongful actions. This abusive bullying also has a name in the legal world — it’s called intimidation of a witness. She is lucky those she is trying to baselessly blame have not sought those charges.

So, supporters of “fake news” and bullies, congratulations on not being a young black male, or a police officer walking into a house where the bad guys with guns know they are coming. With friends like Laura, who needs bullies?

Julie Keefe
Oak Bluffs