Support town hall, school


To the Editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to address my fellow Oak Bluffs voters and taxpayers and urge them to vote in favor of supporting our new town hall project and the necessary repairs and improvements to our elementary school. Both projects are essential for our town, and will be smart investments yielding years of dividends, in the long run saving us money while providing a healthier and more inviting environment for our citizens, employees, teachers, and most important, students and future taxpayers.

I have served as an appointed member of the Town Hall building committee and have seen how thorough and exhaustive the process has been. We, our chairman Bill McGrath, our architects, and consultants have done our best to come up with a building which will meet the town’s needs for many years. It is unfortunate that we have waited this long to move forward with the new town hall and are competing in a very healthy construction market. If we do not replace the present building, major costly repairs will be needed to the existing town hall and will only be Band-Aids. Waiting will only lead to higher costs in the future, for both the town hall and the school. We need to be proactive! Please vote to support these essential projects and invest in the future of Oak Bluffs.

Richard Toole
Oak Bluffs