Congratulations, Lisa!


To the Editor:

For 32 years every fall, Lisa Knight has been out on the field at MVRHS, doing what she likes best — coaching field hockey. I have known Lisa for a very long time; she has not only been my good friend, but also a friend to my children and to all my grandchildren, especially those who like to look for sea glass with her. But most importantly, Lisa has been the ultimate coach for so many young athletes at our high school.

Lisa loved coaching everyone whether they were beginning players who had never held a stick before, or a top athletes who went on to play in college. Lisa always knew just how to get the most out of all her players. She encouraged them to work hard in practice, play together as a team, love playing field hockey, and try to be the very best person they can be. We all know that Lisa has always been a very enthusiastic vocal coach, but her words were always encouraging, trying to motivate her players to work just a little harder or run a little faster, or just put that little ball in the goal. But the very best part about Lisa is that she has a big heart, and has given so many of our young athletes the confidence they need to succeed, not just on the playing field but in all aspects of life.

It is always hard to retire. Trust me, I have been there! But Lisa has left behind a legacy that will be remembered by all those whose lives she touched. So many of her players have gone on to play field hockey in college, and many of them have come back to coach with her. She leaves her program in good hands with those assistants who have stood next to her on the sidelines. The field hockey program will continue to excel. Lisa can hold tight to all those wonderful memories of players, games, championships, fans, referees (only some of them), family and friends who all loved her for all she did for our Vineyard kids and the field hockey program. Congratulations, Lisa!

Betsy Dripps
West Tisbury