LadyFest is a learning event


To the Editor:

Regarding the LadyFest, which was presented on Oct. 21 on Circuit Avenue, I would like to congratulate the co-founders Kelly Feirtag and Rose Guerin for putting together this wonderful event that addresses domestic violence, and also would like to thank Larkin Stallings, owner of the Ritz, for keeping all of us safe and comfortable.

The Oak Bluffs selectmen were also instrumental in helping the event come to light by allowing Circuit Avenue to be closed so this event could be even much more successful and safe.

Domestic violence is such an awful situation, that plagues us all of any age. So I want to also thank Alise Haigazian, founder of Island Hip Hop for bringing her class of young girls, boys, and teenagers, who performed that night. The mindset at such an early age can lead them to believe that bullying and domestic violence can be OK as long as that someone apologizes afterward, which, of course, is false. They need to learn while they’re young that support is out there for all at any age. I, along with so many others, am looking forward to the next year’s event.

Linda Haigazian-Silva
Vineyard Haven