Bash for the Barn Raisers


Back in 1995, Carly Simon and James Taylor reunited for a fundraiser at the new Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. The fundraiser concert, dubbed Livestock ’95, will probably forever be the Island’s most memorable musical event, raising $250,000 to help with the Ag Hall. And now here were are, almost 25 years later, still paying homage to everyone who donated their services to build the beautiful barn. Last weekend, Johnny Hoy once again brought everyone to their feet with his seminal combo of blues and rock. Potluck desserts galore covered many tables, and more money was raised via a raffle for an Alan Whiting masterpiece. More than any other annual Island happening, the Barn Raisers Ball always brings out the best of the Island community’s sense of spirit and camaraderie, as many generations mix and sway in delight. It is, in fact, one of the main reasons we all choose to live here in the first place, right?