Ferry Land


There’s a magic that resides

In the waters between land and isles

There’s a stirring in the air

Every time the whistles blare

What form of magic is churned in the wakes?

For it transports you from place to place —

From the ordinary shores, to the islands steeped in lore

It’s the ‘mist’ical charm of legend ferries …

Not afraid of the people they carry

These ferries light upon the breeze,

They float, they sail on open seas

They’re forever going to and fro

And if you’ve seen one then you will know

They capture people in their spell

And they hope that people will want to tell

Of how they traveled with a ferry

And yet it wasn’t all that scary

And what’s the number of them, you ask?

Only nine now are called to task

The Island Home, the Iyanough,

The Governor, the Katama,

The Eagle, berthed in ninety-three,

The Woods Hole, a babe of 2016

The Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard

And not all that young, the Sankety

Become familiar with these names,

For you never know, you might one day gain

A closer look at some of these …

Roaming, watchful, harmless, yet powerful

New England ferries.

Born in Newburyport, and a longtime resident of upstate New York, Liz Splittgerber is a new resident of Vineyard Haven, mom to three school-age children, and wife of the Rev. Matthew Splittgerber.