Edgartown massage therapist charged with sexual assault

Sebastian Pattavina, owner of the Mod Spa in Edgartown, is being charged for alleged sexual assault on two different women. — Brian Dowd

Sebastian Pattavina, owner of the Mod Spa in Edgartown, was in court Monday on charges of indecent assault and battery. The charges stem from alleged sexual assaults on two separate occasions.

Pattavina, a massage therapist, was arrested on Sept. 26 and arraigned the following day in Edgartown District Court on four counts of indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years old or over. One of the complaints was filed by one of Pattavina’s female employees at the Mod Spa.

According to the police report, the employee informed the police Pattavina offered her a massage during her first weeks of employment, and then touched her inappropriately and without her consent.

The employee shared that incident when Pattavina was accused of another sexual assault on Sept. 12 during a couple’s massage at the Mod Spa, according to police records.

In the report, the employee said she was massaging the man while Pattavina was massaging the woman in a separate room when the alleged assault occurred.

A second complaint was later filed by the wife in a phone interview with the police. The woman told police she would have reported it sooner, but she was “scared.”

Pattavina appeared in Edgartown District Court Monday for a pretrial hearing, but was rescheduled to appear on Friday, Dec. 28.


  1. I wouldn’t want to sit on that jury. Might not be a bad idea in the future to have cameras and provide the recording to the customer for their retention

  2. I would not want a camera in my massage room.
    If the first person who was allegedly assaulted had spoken up, maybe the second person would not have been allegedly assaulted.

  3. I don’t know what took place in this instance, but in general, if you are getting a professional massage, you are alone with the therapist lying unclothed on a table covered only by a sheet. It is an intimate setting that requires 100% trust. If there is even a hint of something uncomfortable, something that gives you a gut feeling that something is off and not professional, loudly and firmly tell the therapist to stop and tell them your session is over and they must leave the room. Then get up and get dressed and leave. If your are unsure that something was not right, discuss it in detail with a manager or owner as soon as possible. If the offending party IS the boss, ask a close friend what they think. A professional massage therapist will NEVER make you wonder if something isn’t right. If you know there was sexual touching or inappropriate behavior, tell the police. It’s a horrible, disgusting kind of assualt on a person in a very vulnerable position. Filming a massage is a terrible idea unless it is with a paid model and it is for teaching purposes only. And “proudamerican”, don’t be victim blaming. You don’t know how horrible it is to be abused and confused and scared in a supposed trust relationship after an (alleged) assault of this nature. Victim blaming is how we got stuck with Kavanugh. It takes courage to come forward.

  4. Bartgee. Just to remind you. No claims of sexual abuse against Trump-have been proven true. You want them to be true hence your glib post.

    • President Trump has won me over with impressive results. I just couldn’t help myself on the easy layup.

      Also- My focus IS on proving or disproving these allegations, and justice for the alleged victims.

    • Andrew, Trump has already admitted he is a sexual assaulter. He says he can “grab ’em by the p***y and admits he starts kissing them. It takes as very immoral person to be okay with that.

  5. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, voters like Andrew, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” Donald J. Trump Trump can do no wrong, can he? (Hence, my glib remark.)

  6. “Andrew”, do you need reminding that in fact he was found guilty of sexual assault, by his own words! He judged himself guilty when he bragged and detailed how he did it and how he got away with it. Do you need more evidence?

    • Kozak you dont get it do you. We are not proven guilty by our words; we are proven guilty by a court of law. To make exaggerated comments and use hyperbole is not a sign of guilt. How insulated are you folks on MV? I have repeatedly said Trump is not my role model. He has little self control, poor vocabulary and he is a narcissist. Can I walk into a police station and claim I robbed a house and be found guilty if I didnt in fact do it? Jackie is convinced Kavanagh is guilty with no corroborating evidence. Wouldnt want her on a Jury. By all means dislike or even hate Trump but try to stick to facts rather than emotions.

      • The court of public opinion is not the same as a court of law. Big difference. I know from Kavanaugh’s demeanor alone that he is unfit to be a Supreme Court justice, as well as from his own testimony where he lied, among other things, about “boofing” and “ralphing”. The man is a liar. Be that as it may, I already said I don’t know what happened in these massage assault allegations. But I do know about morality. For instance, it is immoral for the President to ignore all reports on the Crown Prince of Saudia Arabia’s involvement in Kashoggi’s torture and death, for the sake of the almighty dollar, the financial interests of the US. Why did we fight in two world wars? Moral people know that Trump is a lot worse than crude and narcissistic. It’s not a matter of hating him. It’s a matter of loving and standing up for morality more than a personal financial gain. It’s too bad that the party of the former “moral majority” are too emotionally in love with their money to see evil, even when the guy himself, Trump, has told you over and over he is an amoral, greedy man who stiffs employees, scams Trump University students, sexually assaults women, lies when his lips are moving, etc etc. That’s a lot more than lacking self-control.

  7. Jackie. I am glad that you agree that public opinion is not the same as a court of law. You won’t mind then if I state that a person is a lying deceitful crook based upon how I feel about it. Demeanor is what counts. When a person is arrested they probably did it and I am entitled to my opinion. Ok I got it. As for Morality please tell me how one gets it. Where does it come from? Is it all about feelings? Do unto others and all that? Please define for me.

    • Andrew, when Bret Kavanaugh testified that his own definitions of words, words he used in tesimony to describe his own conduct, are not even close to accurate, normal people conclude the man is a liar. There is no “feeling” about it. It’s reality. Further, moral people do not need to argue or ask why it is amoral to separate children from their parents, to name only one amoral policy of the Trump administration… which they say they have reversed after the uproar against it, but in fact hundreds, and even more unknown numbers of children are still separated from their families. Amoral people don’t mind that they can support an amoral administration, even though most of these people claim to be religious Christians. Did you see this morning’s news headlines on the science reports of climate change? The people who have explaining to do are the ones who claim to be “christian” and yet still support a very amoral president and his policies. Now tell me Trump isn’t a liar. Did you also need something explained, in general, about proper behavior of massage therapists and why it is amoral to abuse trust and sexually assault a client? Maybe ask a priest. I can’t help you.

  8. Jackie, I havent posted about the massage thing.
    If we only vote for moral Presidents we would be leaderless. I guess its ok for one to be adulterous if its Kennedy or Clinton or Ike or Roosevelt and many more. I dont believe Kavanagh lied but lets say he did. Did Obama or Clinton ever lie. Of course they did. I am not justifying lying but you are selective. As for separation of families that is what happens when someone goes to jail–they are separated from their children and families. Dont illegally come here if you dont want to be separated. Climate change is not a moral issue and there is plenty of disagreement on the subject but lets suppose it is a moral issue. What is moral for you is immoral for me. Is abortion a moral issue. I think it is. Is Gay Marriage. Of course. This is all about whose ox is being gored. Please research targetting of American citizens for assassination during the Obama administration and you wont feel so bad about Kashoggi. Do you know anything about Kashoggi and who he plays with. Have your researched his background? You are getting hysterical about Saudis when you know they have been killing people for ages as has China and Iran and Russia. All of a sudden you care about one man you dont even know anything about. Finally I am asking you to define morality and you wont and cant.

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