Steeple chase continues


“Fingers crossed, it’s coming down Saturday,” Kirk Metell, facilities manager for the Town of Tisbury, said of the steeple atop Tisbury Town Hall.

The steeple, which is being replaced, was originally scheduled for removal on the  long weekend of Nov. 9-12 so it wouldn’t interfere with town business. But because the Katharine Cornell Theater has been rented for that weekend, the project was put hold.

On Saturday, Dec. 1, Spring Street will be closed, and there will be noise associated with the project. Workers will begin setting up at 8 am and expect to get underway in earnest by 9 am, Metell said.

Metell told The Times that the project is the first phase in replacing the steeple with a new one that will be built in the style of the steeple that’s there.