Wow, cacao!

We asked for hot chocolate, and you delivered.

Cheryl Burns delivers her Hot Cacao to The Times office. —George Brennan

We sent out a request in our daily newsletter, The Minute, hinting that we might be open to trying folks’ recipes for hot chocolate. Cheryl Burns showed up at The Times office this morning with a glass jar full of her special Hot Cacao recipe.

“It’s delicious!” events editor/reporter Brittany Bowker declared.

“It tastes just like Yoo-hoo!” exclaimed calendar/community editor Connie Berry.

Reporter Brian Dowd chimed in, “It’s great!”

Cheryl found a way to make steaming hot chocolate healthy, and for that we are all grateful. Thank you, Cheryl, for your kindness and your cooking prowess.

You put something out into the universe and it manifests. We’re going to wish for winning lottery tickets next. Or an office pony.

Cheryl’s Hot Cacao

Blend together:

12 oz. boiling water
1 date
1 Tbsp. cacao powder
1 Tbsp. hazelnut meal
1 Tbsp. brown sugar or 18 drops stevia or 2 Tbsp. lucuma powder