Tisbury: Santa coming to fire station

Heard on Main Street: Happy St. Nicholas Day, a good beginning to a holiday season when we want to think of giving to others, especially those in need.

If you have been good this year, you should take note that Santa Claus will be coming to the Tisbury Fire Station at 1 pm next Sunday, Dec. 9. He will be wanting to see you, too.

Last week on a brisk, blustery day, we went off on the ferry. As the cars began to board, I thought, Gee, I miss her happy greeting. I didn’t always see her, just most of the time. The realization that now she has retired was bittersweet.

The trip was tumultuous. We knew the wind was up because the flags were all out blowing straight out. By the time we began the turn approaching Woods Hole, the waves were slamming and banging against the ship. The water was washing around the door and rushing down the stairs from the deck above. I hadn’t enjoyed such a dramatic trip for years. We were even a bit late getting into port. It sort of reminds you that there is an ocean out there, a fact I don’t think about often.

Note that the Vineyard Holiday Gift Shop on Spring Street is open from 10 to 6 every day through Christmas Eve. This is where you can find original work by Island artists.

Edgartown celebrates Christmas this weekend: Homemade from the Heart benefits Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, Dec. 8, at the Dr. Fisher House from 10 to 3. The Art and Crafts Festival at the Edgartown School from 10 to 4 profits the eighth grade class of 2018.

Music is especially welcome this time of year. The West Tisbury Church invites you to the Christmas Concert on Sunday, Dec. 9, at 4 pm. The choir, led by William Peek, will present “In the Time of Snow,” accompanied by harpist Sandra Bittermann. Admission is $15, students are admitted free. Proceeds benefit the church music program. A reception will follow.

Our Christmas season is when snow is likely, yet even the carol “The Time of Snow” reflects that “it may not have been winter then, that certain night in Bethlehem.” Another carol, “Stars of the Cross” describes the season where it is now summer, beneath the stars of the Southern Cross.

Suzan Bellincampi will tell you about sharks, skinks, lovelorn birds, and butt-breathing frogs, all in her new book “The Nature of Martha’s Vineyard.” This reflects her Gazette columns from the past 20 years illustrated with Tim Johnson‘s photographs. The talk is at 7 pm at the Vineyard Haven library on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Free books, slightly used, will be offered at our library on Saturday, Dec 15, from 11 am to 3 pm. Get books for children, teens, and adults. You can buy library tote bags for $2 each, which make a useful gift wrap.

Author Tom Dresser is talking about “The Wampanoag Tribe of Martha’s Vineyard” at the Tisbury Senior Center on Friday, Dec. 14, at 1:30 pm. Tom will be selling books, and is happy to answer questions.

We happily send belated congratulations to Maggie Sibert, who celebrated her 99th birthday last Monday.

Congratulations to the Wallis family. Last Saturday they celebrated the wedding of Anne Wallis

to Michael Anderson in Greenwich, Conn. Anne is the daughter of Phil and Carolyn Wallis; Phil is the executive director of the new Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Anne spent several summers on the Island working for Plum TV and lifeguarding at South Beach. The newlyweds live in South Norwalk, Conn.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out to Jessie Chandler tomorrow. Polly Renear marks 90 years on Sunday. Greetings also go out Sunday to Anna Tomlinson and Rachel Houston. Monday belongs to Doug Cabral.

Take some time to enjoy your neighbors’ lights. Downtown looks like a fairyland with white lights in the trees as well as on the shops.

Heard on Main Street: Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.