Beetlebung Farm sells for $2.4 million

Beetlebung Farm was sold Tuesday, eliminating the town's chance to purchase the property.

Beetlebung Farm sold Tuesday afternoon to an entity called the Farm Group nominee trust for the sum of $2.4 million, Dukes County Registry of Deeds data shows.

The deed was transferred at 1:52 pm, according to registry clerk Sarah Levesque.

The town of Chilmark had previously made attempts to buy the farm for municipal use, but could not strike a deal with the previous owners. The board of selectmen is now negotiating for the Carroll property behind town hall.

The 5.7-acre Beetlebung Farm was assessed for $948,200 in fiscal 2019, according to Chilmark assessor Pam Bunker. A house, a cottage, and a barn sit on the property, she said.


  1. No one can touch those astute politicians of Chilmark when it comes to closing a deal on behalf of the residents of Chilmark.

  2. Hooray! I’m very pleased that the property will remain intact, not serving the town or other commercial interests.

    • skeptic– they also get the house, a cottage and a barn. on a 30 year note if they could farm 5 acres, that’s about 18 k per acre per year. I don’t see anything in the article that says they have to farm it.
      It’s a very nice piece of property.

      • It is a beautiful property and a wonderful family that owned it. I think it will continue to be a beautiful farm with the new owners.
        My previous comment was about a comic strip called Bloom Country in one strip they had a farmer saying “ain’t corn it’s dope” when asked how his corn crop was.

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