Reading great modern novels


Starting Wednesday, Jan. 9, at 4 pm, the West Tisbury library offers the Reading Great Modern Novels Group. The new study group, which will meet in the winter and spring of 2019, will be an informal discussion group of committed readers who want to better understand each book’s history, context, assumptions, and resonance.

The group will meet for 90 minutes every third Wednesday from Jan. 9 to June 5, from 4 to 6 pm. Group members can expect to read one novel (or its equivalent) every three weeks, and members of the group will share responsibility for introducing books and leading discussions. Books can be requested from any of the Island libraries.

Philip Weinstein, a well-known and highly respected literature teacher on the Island and professor emeritus at Swarthmore College, is the co-organizer of this discussion group. Weinstein will not lecture or formally teach the group, but he will be an active member.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact co-organizer Jeff Nason at 617-285-3160 or Membership will be limited to approximately 12 participants. Participation in the group is free, and it’s open to the public.


Reading list:

Jan. 9: Gustave Flaubert, “Madame Bovary.”

Jan. 30: Joseph Conrad, “Heart of Darkness.”

Feb. 20: Joseph Conrad, “Lord Jim.”

March 13: Franz Kafka, “The Trial.”

April 3: Franz Kafka, “Metamorphosis,” “The Judgment,” “Report to an Academy,” “The Hunger Artist,” “A Country Doctor.”

April 24: Virginia Woolf, “Mrs. Dalloway.”

May 15: D.H. Lawrence,Women in Love.”

June 5: William Faulkner, “Light in August.”