Tisbury: Delight in December


Heard on Main Street: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”  –Marilyn Monroe

Last Sunday 10 percent of the retail sales in Tisbury were destined for the Vineyard Committee on Hunger. Shop local. And tell the shopkeepers that you appreciate their action.

I keep looking for the rain. I guess it did not take long for me to develop that habit. Though I will admit I am happy we don’t have to shovel it.

You don’t need to go off-Island for good art. Delight in the December display on the lower level of the Vineyard Haven library. These beautiful oil paintings and prints are by Gloria Burkin. Enjoy the visit. You could even check out a book.

On Saturday you can get slightly used books for free at the library. Find that mystery you wanted, or a good young adult book for the teenager or some fine books on all matter of subjects. You can even buy a bag to put them in. That event is from 11 to 3 on Saturday, Dec. 15.

Islanders will be sorry to hear that Joan Glodis passed away last week in North Carolina.

Joan Druett is a terrific author of both fiction and nonfiction, especially maritime history. She is also a good friend who lives in New Zealand. I sent her a photo of some holiday decorations here. Her reply was, “Summer is here, school holidays begin in a week, the adverts screaming, everyone frantic to get everything done before the long vacation that starts on Christmas Eve.” Some years ago she was here through the winter, so she added, “By contrast, Christmas in New England was a leisurely pleasure. With snow. Lovely.” And then she said, “We are escaping it by going on a Christmas cruise.”

I hope you have been out to see the holiday lights. There is a beautiful tree outlined in white lights not far from us. It stands in a dark area with little light and is simply lovely.

Main Street looks like a winter fairyland with all the white lights; even the SSA is brightly lit. I cannot even imagine how those draped on top of the tall tree got there, but they do look pretty. Somehow the lights are always so welcome in the dark nights of December.

The tax-exempt status granted by the IRS to charitable 501(c)(3) organizations is renewed annually. Our tax assessors are working on the same basis. If Hospice of MV has this status, why didn’t they renew on time? There is a responsibility on both sides. Our assessors work for us. I don’t like the current situation because I would have thought a fine for being late would be more reasonable. Don’t blame the assessors, they are on our side.

Did you tell Santa that our kids need a new school?

You are never too young or too old to make a wish or say a prayer. The Simpkins family invite you to share in their family tradition. A special tree on their front lawn is called the Wishing Tree. You are welcome to tie a ribbon or write a wish on a tag and tie the wishes or ribbons to the Tree. Day and night, the tree has supplies nearby. The family also puts out hot chocolate on the weekend for people to enjoy. They live at 124 William St., next door to Grace Church. The tree will be up until Dec. 31, when all the wishes and ribbons will be taken off the tree and burned at sunset to send the wishes up to the sky.

Someone asked if I was all set for the holidays. I smiled weakly and wished I were. Why am I always caught by how quickly time goes by? I didn’t notice I was having that much fun.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Kayla Pachico. Tomorrow wish the best to Ken Beebe and Jeanette Bigelow. Sunday belongs to Laura Beebe. Happy birthday to Lyrae Littlefield and Kate Malkie on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: Remember that Santa can appear in mysterious disguises, in the uniform of FedEx or UPS, or even the Post Office.