State Police: Driver not to blame for pedestrian death

A police report clears the driver involved in the death of Virginia Iverson.

A State Police accident reconstruction team has cleared the driver in a crash that killed a 71-year-old Tisbury woman, Virginia Iverson, according to the police report received through a public records request.

Iverson, who was beloved for her work with seniors in Vineyard Haven as a yoga instructor, was struck while crossing State Road in the crosswalk near Vineyard Grocer on Oct. 31, 2017. She died several weeks later in the hospital from injuries sustained in the accident.

According to the State Police investigation, the driver of a Toyota Highlander, whose name was redacted from the report, had an obstructed field of vision due to a dump truck that was stopped in the southbound travel lane. The driver’s first sight of Iverson was within 8.77 feet or 1.77 seconds before impact, according to the analysis.

“It is this trooper’s opinion that Toyota operator [name redacted] would likely not have been able to avoid this collision,” the report states.


  1. “It is this commentators opinion that Toyota operator [name redacted] should have been able to avoid this collision, if they were to have assessed any dangers within the aforementioned narrowed field of vision, prior to moving forward. The MA State Police find fault upon operator and have issued appropriate citations. For lack of operator applying brakes, we find Pedestrian would still be alive.”, the report states.

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