Squibnocket Pond skiff ramp installed

The Squibnocket skiff ramp was completed on Friday by John Keene Excavation. — Brittany Bowker

John Keene Excavation completed the final piece of the Squibnocket project Friday with the installation of a skiff and kayak ramp on Squibnocket Pond, Chilmark conservation agent Chuck Hodgkinson told The Times.

The ramp marks the final piece of the long and occasionally acrimonious quest to realize a bridge (a.k.a. causeway) between Squibnocket Pond and Squibnocket Beach, in conjunction with the rejuvenation of that beach.

Film director Doug Liman, who lives near Squibnocket Pond, recently tabled litigation with Squibnocket Farm over issues with the bridge.

“I’m thrilled with it,” selectmen Bill Rossi said of the ramp. “I think it came out beautifully. We now have a very nice public access to Squibnocket Pond.”