REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: December 10 – 14, 201



Dec. 11, Sandra Klebanoff and Elliott and Rosalind Mittler sold 7 Maple Hill Rd. to Andrew P. McAfee for $2,970,000.

Dec. 14, Donald Worley, as Personal Representative under the Will of Leonard F. Vanderhoop Jr. and as trustee of the Vanderhoop Family Trust, sold a lot on Old South Rd. to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of Aquinnah Lot 513 Realty Trust, for $40,000.



Dec. 11, Albert O. Fischer, 3rd and Marie F. Scott, Personal Representatives of the estate of Regina S. Fischer, sold 521 South Rd. to Thomas J. Rapone, trustee of Farm Group Nominee Trust, for $2,400,000.

Dec. 14, Sergio Modigliani and Adriana Forte, trustees of the Modigliani Trust, sold 24 North Slope Lane to Kathy Spiegelman and Robert Zverina for $1,317,500.



Dec. 11, David S. Jacobson sold 44 Prices Way to Todd H. and Courtney A. Richman for $650,000.

Dec. 13, David Schofield sold 19 Sparrow Lane to John Mancini and Janet Degregorio for $365,000.


Oak Bluffs

Dec. 10, Nancy R. Giordano, trustee of O & M Realty Trust, sold 95 Dukes County Ave. to David A. Diriwachter and Deirdre L. Bohan for $425,000.

Dec. 11, Richard A. Hall sold 130 Barnes Rd. to Joalser Nascimento for $250,000.

Dec. 13, Charles G. Canfield, Jr. sold a lot on Lawrence Ave. to Christine Rose for $17,000.



Dec. 12, Mark S. Tonnesen and Lynette B. Hodson-Tonnesen sold 64 West Pasture Lane to Robert J. Coffman and Lynn S. K. Coffman for $1,355,000.

Dec. 12, Timothy W. Goodman sold 25 Old Hedge Row to Mark S. Tonnesen and Lynette B. Hodson-Tonnesen for $790,000.


West Tisbury

Dec. 6, Bernice W. Speiser, Personal Representative of the estate of Maryilyn Speiser, a/k/a Marilyn H. Speiser, sold 19 Millstone Lane to Jennifer C. Snyder, trustee of the Lucy & Stella Trust (undivided 50% interest) and Kailee Rainaud (undivided 50% interest), for $735,000. (This transaction contained an error last week. This is the correct information.)

Dec. 10, Debra Drake sold 141 Waldrons Bottom Rd. to Carolyn and James Lynch for $1,475,000.

Dec. 13, Kathleen M. Stillo, f/k/a Kathleen M. Harris, sold a lot on Old County Rd. to Deborah Wells and Theodore Jochsberger for $10,000.

Dec. 14, Melisa H. Smith sold 41 Stoney Hill Lane to Christopher L. and Katherine V. Oliver for $765,000.