Activist group to rally at Representative Keating’s office


When the newly elected members of the House of Representatives are sworn in on Jan. 3, Indivisible groups from the Cape and Islands will hold their first organized action of the year by assembling at Rep. Bill Keating’s district office. Indivisible is an activist group that began after President Donald Trump was elected. They will call for Keating’s support of House Resolution 1 and other progressive legislation, according to a release from the Indivisible group.

The H.R. 1 is House Democrats’ planned first bill that will work to “preserve democracy,” according to the release. The bill addresses issues such as campaign finance regulations, aimed at separating monetary influence from politics; ethics, which would require presidents to disclose their tax returns; and voting rights, which would create an automatic voting registration system that would ask voters to opt-out instead of opt-in, and ensure more people are signed up to vote.

Activists from Cape Cod Women for Change, Indivisible Outer Cape, Lower Cape Indivisible, and Martha’s Vineyard Indivisible will meet at Keating’s Hyannis office at 259 Stevens Street, Suite E, as part of their “Whose House? Our House!” national day of action. Last year, “Whose House? Our House!” focused on registering voters, campaigning for progressive candidates, and building grassroots networks in Massachusetts’ 9th congressional district.

The group plans to present Keating’s staff with their vision of “bold, progressive action” in the new congress. The rally will highlight the group’s concerns with issues such as health care, immigration, climate and environment, women rights, LGBTQ rights, and gun reform.

“HR 1 really sets the tone for the entire 116th Congress,” the release quotes Keating as saying. “The Democratic majority will not tolerate corruption in our elections. We need to ensure large corporations and the wealthiest aren’t ‘buying’ offices. We need to protect everyone’s right to vote, which includes ending gerrymandering. We need to restore Americans’ trust in our electoral process.”