Island unaffected by statewide 911 issues

Aaron Figueroa at the Dukes County Communications which manages 911 calls on Martha's Vineyard. — Gabrielle Mannino

A statewide technical problem that led to a brief 911 outage Friday morning did not affect the Island.

Dukes County Sheriff’s Office deputy Anthony Gould told The Times in an email that the state Executive Office of Public Safety notified the sheriff’s office of the issue at 6:30 Friday morning.

Gould said that Centurylink, the company that provides much of the backhaul between wireless service and public safety communications, experienced outages across the country. Gould conducted several tests of the Island’s 911 call system Friday and did not experience any problems, but he urged people to contact the sheriff’s office at 508-693-1212 if they experience issues while trying to call 911 for an emergency.

“The 911 system on Martha’s Vineyard is unaffected by the statewide issues that occurred overnight,” Gould told The Times. “Please continue to dial 911 from any phone if you have an emergency.”