Man struck by car in West Tisbury

A pedestrian was struck by a car on State Road at Stoney Hill on Friday. – Lucas Thors

Updated Dec. 31

At approximately 10:30 am, Friday, West Tisbury police, fire, and Tri-Town Ambulance responded to an incident involving a car striking a pedestrian across from Stoney Hill Road. Tisbury emergency responders were also there to assist. According to West Tisbury police Lt. Skipper Manter, Wendy Nierenberg, a 69-year-old female from West Tisbury was travelling toward Tisbury on State Road in a gray 2010 Toyota Prius when she allegedly hit Michael Dexter, a 21-year-old male residing on Buttonwood Farm Road.

Dexter left Buttonwood Farm Road and attempted to cross State Road when he was hit. He was transported to Mass. General Hospital after the accident, according to Manter. A police roadblock stopped traffic from entering the area of State Road beyond the entrance to the lower Lamberts Cove Road for about five minutes. At Stoney Hill Road, police directed traffic until the scene was cleared, at approximately 11:30 am. Dexter’s mother, Sara Carter, told The Times he is recovering from a fractured shoulder and tibia, and is expected to be released from the hospital on Monday. Nierenberg will not be cited for the accident.

Updated to include names of driver and man struck by vehicle, as well as his condition. -Ed.


  1. Of course we all need to be extremely aware of (especially pedestrians, they have right of way) on the road, but with that said…I have had people step into crosswalks at night, or just crossing the street dressed in all dark clothing. Guess what? You are almost invisible. Same with the sun behind you this time of year (morning and evening). (I’m on a roll now). Headlights are as much to see as they are to be seen. It is also the law to turn on headlights in precipitation. Turn signals?? Come on, how hard are they to use, let me know what you are going to do. Last one….if you are running late, sorry but stay off my bumper…leave your house a little earlier. Ok, rant over.

  2. I hope everyone is ok.
    Has anyone done a study on how many vehicles can the island roads support driving around? To keep a pleasant quality of life is there a max number or cars the SSA should bring over?
    Traffic and parking are such issues.
    We should be limiting the number of vehicles on the island.
    Maybe more visitors would use the bus, taxis, Uber and friends if they couldn’t bring their cars?
    Maybe we could having driving bans so more people could enjoy a bike ride on the roads.
    Maybe we could redesign our roads so you could only make right turns?

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