Oak Bluffs library gets a new Steinway


Over the Christmas holiday, David Stanwood delivered a new Steinway baby grand to the Oak Bluffs library. In a video produced by the Times, David dedicates the gift to Tom Dooley, whose generosity made it possible.  

December 27, 2018
“As we embark upon the new year we pause and reflect on the memories of those who have passed before.
Tom Dooley let it be known to his wife Helen that the Steinway baby grand piano in their Sengecontacket home on Hidden Cove should be given to the Oak Bluffs Library.
So with new strings and the internal workings all set to right
this magical musical machine is delivered on this day to its new home.
Moving into the increasing light of the new year we give thanks to so many who give so much … making our community a vibrant and loving Island Home.”
David Stanwood – Piano Artisan
Lamberts Cove West Tisbury