Chilmark: A quiet week

Donaroma’s Chilmark tree, each town had its own theme. —Valerie Sonnenthal

Holiday highlights included both my sons being home, Cynthia Riggs reading me A.A. Milne’s King John’s Christmas, enjoying our Thanksgiving feast on Christmas, loving that Facetime allows my sons and I to hang out with my brother and his kids in Berlin, learning a new dance from my 9-year-old niece, listening to her read a short essay on why she wants to watch a movie, getting fresh plum jam from Port Orford, Ore., and enjoying it on a savory biscuit from Morning Glory Farm, reveling in the marvel of Nina Levin’s culinary creation for Christmas — a perfect Bûche de Noël cake with fresh whipped crème, Donaroma’s Light Spectacle playing to music, offering a year-end Sound Journey, trying many new dishes, walks with dogs, the sun and moon at dawn, and I better stop because I have way too much to be thankful for. It’s already back-to-school for kids and back up our dirt roads for the rest of us. Projects wait by fireplaces, splitters and wood stoves, as each day affords minutes more light we get serious about winter and settle in. This week may be quiet, but just wait, you’ll have to forego one event for another, maybe just staying home because of snow, cold, or whatever you’ve got cooking, each winter bringing more activities to our Island to enjoy, more volunteer opportunities and more year-rounders.

You may have read about the Dec. 18 selectmen’s meeting where the Menemsha Bus Turn Around Issue was raised. Everyone has until Jan. 7 to offer their suggestions in writing to our selectmen as to how to proceed in solving the traffic and pedestrian issues that may not yet have been raised, so please weigh-in by email to Tim Carroll at Sure we voted to address this issue and voted for money to be spent, but perhaps proceeding by first changing the configuration of painted lines in the parking area and working with the VTA to limit the larger bus to off-hours and the shuttle size to traffic-prone hours could help. If you are a registered Chilmark voter and care that we do not begin by destroying a rather large area to accommodate eight weeks of sunset crowds, add your name to signatures needed to hold a special town meeting, though none of us really wants that either. You can sign a petition at the Texaco Station. Also you are welcome to attend the Jan. 8 and 22 selectmen’s meetings.

Pam Glavin has set up a Christmas tree at her late husband Carl Widdiss’s gravesite in the Gay Head Cemetery, on Rose Meadow Way off State Road. Come and put a decoration on the tree and take a goodie from the stocking, and write a note with a promise to do a good deed for someone else in Carl’s honor, it’s up through April.

The Chilmark Community Church’s Community Suppers start up again on Jan. 8 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, all ages welcome. 9 Menemsha Crossroads, Chilmark. For further information call 508- 645-3100.

The Food Truck is back to Monday-Friday, 11 am to 2 pm in front of Pandora’s Box (and please stay off the road for parking and waiting). Lunch, dinner, and fish are always available at Menemsha Fish Market.

Pathways Arts at the Chilmark Tavern hosts two films about Extraordinary Beings: Joe Hutto’s My Life As a Turkey and Touching the Wild on Friday, Jan. 4. On Tuesday, Jan. 8, come hear writers/storytellers Julie Jaffee, Zeke Wilkins, Joe Keenan and others. Every Saturday at 3 pm join Alison Cameron Parry for a weekly All Ages Qigong; for more info write or call 508-397-1743; $15 suggested donation (livestream also available). Doors open at 6:30 pm and events begin at 7 pm, free for all evening programs.

Librarian Irene Tewksbury needs low glass jars (baby food) for tealights and small round cardboard boxes (like the ones brie cheese come in) for a craft project, please bring any items to the library for her.

The Chilmark library hosts Coffee Klatsch Knitting (bring your own supplies and projects) and a Chess Meet-up on Thursdays from noon to 3 pm. Come enjoy free coffee just be sure to bring your own mug for a cozy, laid back, and communal hang out up-Island. After-school crafts with Irene continue on Wednesdays at 3 pm. Stories with Rizwan continue Tuesday and Saturday at 10:30 am. Learn more at or 508-645-3360.

Happy New Year, 2019, I just have to get used to writing 2019. Have a great week.