Get hooked on Net Result

Net Result seafood is certainly up to scale.


Net Result is one of the best places on-Island to get the freshest seafood at the lowest prices. What else would you expect from the Larsen family, who has been providing Martha’s Vineyard with the finest cuts of fish for four generations?

The Net Result slogan is “Our fish are so fresh they’ll make you blush.” On their website, they describe themselves as an “Upper-scale fish market.” Despite all the fish jokes, the folks at the Net Result are serious about their seafood.

Times intern Josephine Brennan and I set sail for the Net Result to sample some of their fare, and to see if they’re worth their salt.

We joined the line by the live-lobster tank and perused the extensive menu of food by land and by sea. Initially, the lobster roll, $17.50, caught my eye. It was listed with melted butter on a toasted bun. The Net Result also sells lobsters at base market price for anyone hoping to have a clambake with friends and family.

We asked cashier Kathy Mercier what she recommends for a tasty bite — she pointed to the classic fish sandwich ($8.50 before tax) with tartar sauce, romaine lettuce, American cheese, tomato, and fried flounder. “It’s probably the most popular thing on the menu,” Mercier said.

The fish was battered exquisitely and cooked to perfection; the outside was crumbly and buttery; the inside, warm and tender.

The tartar sauce balanced the saltiness of the fish and made the whole sandwich melt in my mouth.

Brennan tried out the vegetable sushi roll ($7.95 before tax), and was not disappointed. She said the vegetables tasted crisp and crunchy. “I really liked that everything tasted so fresh,” she said.

And we couldn’t come back to the office empty-handed, so we decided to pick up a spicy tuna roll ($7.50 before tax) for the road.

Reporter Rich Saltzberg was hard at work when he sampled the sushi. He said the spicy tuna roll was delicious, and I can attest to that. The tuna was smokey and full of flavor, but not overpowering. It was also the deep red color you see with wild-caught salmon, as opposed to the light-pinkish color seen with farm-raised fish. The seaweed was tightly rolled and the sticky white rice complemented the fish nicely.

I don’t know about other sushi connoisseurs, but my preference is a couple of drops of soy sauce right onto the fish, topped with some fresh yellow ginger and a sizeable dose of wasabi. A generous portion of wasabi and ginger is provided in the sushi packaging. Some folks in the office opted out of the accompaniments, but the Net Result does have extra soy sauce in a bin by the cash register. Finally, if you want the full sushi experience, I would suggest a pair of chopsticks (I am an entry-level chopsticker at best). For those who don’t want to practice their hand-eye coordination while enjoying their meal, plastic forks are available as well.

There’s plenty of seating outside, with picnic tables lined up on a sprawling patio.

The Net Result takeout kitchen closed on Jan. 1, so now take the oppor-tuna-ty to buy some fresh local fish and try your skills in your own kitchen.

Check out the Net Result website for the menu or for more information.