Masons serve up Christmas cheer


To the Editor:

It was heartwarming to read in the Dec. 27 issue of the MV Times of so many hardworking organizations and individuals that serve fellow Islanders. One such outstanding effort brightened Christmas Day for many. The Oriental Martha’s Vineyard Masonic Lodge in Oak Bluffs held its third annual Holiday Dinner in the lodge dining room for the greater Island community. The event is free and open to all.

Traditional, homemade food was prepared in the lodge kitchen and was served in the spirited, festive, and comfortable atmosphere of the lodge dining room. Ezra Sherman, organizer (and main chef), and members of the lodge, worked tirelessly for days to stock, prepare, and serve the meal, which included an array of appetizers, chowder, vegetables, and turkey, ham and all the trimmings, as well as desserts. Those who attended were from all walks of life and had one common purpose — to enjoy a hot meal and share Christmas cheer with others. Many attended who would have otherwise eaten alone. While helping to serve dinner, I observed several warm reconnections of friends/acquaintances and newly formed friendships. This side benefit added warmth and positive energy to the delicious dinner.

Guests filtered in and out throughout the day. Some carried out hot meals to bring to those they serve. Others dropped in just to contribute to the Angel Fund, used for the lodge’s many philanthropic efforts throughout the year. A partnership with Reliable Market was instrumental in making this day a success. Guests were encouraged to load up with “leftovers” to extend their holidays.

As those who serve often say, the joy is in the giving, creating hope in many forms.

Cheers to Ezra Sherman and the members of the lodge for their Christmas gift to our community, and for their service throughout the year!

Cari Williamson