Tisbury: “Soap Opera”

Heard on Main Street: Happy New Year!

The Neighborhood Convention meets on Tuesday, Jan 8, at 11 am in the West Tisbury Congregational Church. It should be fun. The Peter Luce Play Readers from the Tisbury Senior Center will briefly introduce themselves and then present a hilarious short play called “Soap Opera” written by David Ives. All are welcome, coffee and dessert will be served. Bring your own sandwich.

I don’t know how there will be space enough, but Liz Kane of Cakes by Liz will give a cooking demonstration at 7 pm on Tuesday, Jan 8, at the Vineyard Haven library. She has been making cakes and desserts on the Island for 25 years. The program will include a tasting.

Those age 12 and up are invited to upcycle their old sweaters into new hats, mittens, and slippers. Adult crafts will be at 3 pm on Saturday, Jan 12, at our library.

Looking for alternatives to cable TV? Learn more at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 15, when state Rep. Randy Hunt will walk you through some of the options, explain how they work, and how much they cost. This will be a live demonstration with Q&A session included.

The Vineyard Haven library will host a monthly Public Affairs Discussion Group from 6 to 8 pm on the third Thursday of each month, beginning Thursday, Jan 17. These moderated discussions will cover domestic and foreign affairs topics, leading up to the Great Decisions series at the library in April 2019.

If you want to volunteer for the next three months, remember help is needed at Houses of Grace offering a warm place for homeless to sleep and at the various churches, each offering a free meal on a different night.

The Federated Church offers a free lasagna luncheon every Sunday, from Jan. 6 to March 31, after church, from 12:30 to 2 pm. If it snows and the roads are closed, so are they. The meal includes a salad, a serving of lasagna, garlic bread, beverage, and dessert. Get out of the house and enjoy a hot meal and maybe make some new friends. Free. All are welcome. For more call 508 627-4421.

We had an exceptional Christmas holiday trip. Shortly after we arrived at our son’s in Westborough on the 23rd, he noticed the car’s right rear tire had a serious gouge. He located the nearest Subaru dealer where the service department opened at 7 am on Christmas Eve. I got there soon after they opened and announced I needed a new tire, maybe four new tires. Fortunately, they decided I only needed one new tire, tire rotation, and in an hour or so had me on my way with a freshly washed car.

After dinner at their house on Christmas, my husband slammed the car door on the car charger for his portable oxygen battery. When it did not work, we decided we could make it to where he had an oxygenator plugged into the wall (that is what we use at home). At the B&B we learned that the portable oxygen battery was not charging on the standard outlet either.

Our son came in the morning to see what he could do. He eventually took the machine apart, found some damaged wire, and took it home to work. He soon found he needed a soldering tool that offered more heat, so he got a new one. And finally managed to fix the machine and recharge the batteries.

I hope you get the message (if you are not ‘on oxygen’) that his repair answered the question of whether my husband could survive the two-hour trip plus boat ride home. The last few days made for a much more exciting holiday than any of us needed.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Romeo Bonelli. Saturday belongs to  Roberta Kirn. Taylor Higgins parties on Sunday. Wish the best on Monday to Judy Belushi Pisano. Happy birthday to Allyson Wajda and Ned Orleans on Tuesday. Hope you are doing well now, Ned. Best wishes on Wednesday to Jerry Baric.

Heard on Main Street: If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn’t oversleep.