West Tisbury: Library lineup


It’s still dark enough for the Christmas tree lights to show against the early morning sky. No one is up yet except me, and two cats looking for their breakfast. The woodstove is going, the cats are fed, coffee is ready, and the tree is lit for Christmas Day.

New Years Day 2019 was Mike’s and my 34th wedding anniversary.

The date was chosen for several reasons. First, we would always be together and have the day off. It would be a hard date for either of us to forget. Mostly, it felt hopeful to begin a new year together every Jan. 1, and after the excitement of Christmas, I wanted another special day to look forward to. That we have had, and I remain grateful for another anniversary day to celebrate.

For now, everything is pretty much done and cleaned up after. It was a mess when I left for church, the remains of cookie baking all over the kitchen, presents and wrapping supplies all over the dining room table. I came home buoyed by the church service and music, and all the friends I saw there. All that energy got the rest of the presents wrapped, the dining table dressed in its holiday cloth, and with the feather tree my brother Andy made me years ago decorated and placed just so. The kitchen wasn’t so bad once the counter was cleaned off and all the dishes done.

I miss my brothers on Christmas. We had a long phone conversation from Andy’s, where Mike and Fred arrived from New Haven to spend the day in Redding with Andy and Edward. Edward made turkey tetrazzini, the traditional Christmas dinner Mom always made from turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving. We all wish we had ruby slippers so we could click our heels together and magically be in Redding or New Haven or West Tisbury. Or San Francisco, where my niece Charlotte lives.

So after all the hectic preparing for Christmas, Mike and I can now look forward to our quiet anniversary. Being together is the only requirement for that holiday.

“John, Diane, Jack, and Tara wish everyone Happy Holidays. Many thanks for all the kindness and generosity this season!” This message is for all of West Tisbury from our post office crew. Thanks to them for all they do for us all year.

At the library this week:

Friday, Jan. 4, 4 pm, Judy Kranz will lead the first of four free Pilates classes that will meet on alternate Fridays. Jan. 4 and 18, Feb. 1 and 15. Sign-up is required and participants are asked to commit to all four classes.

Saturday, Jan. 5, 3 pm, a rock concert for kids with the Pinkletinks.

Monday, Jan. 7, 11:30 am, Kanta Lipsky’s Balance Class is back at the library.

Tuesday, Jan. 8, 10:30 am, children ages 2 and up are invited to “Little Bird and Dramatic Play,” an expressive play class with Laura Jordan. Sign-up is required. At 11 am, Laura Jordan will lead a music class of seasonal songs and movement for children of all ages with no sign-up necessary. Just come. Public health nurse Lila Fischer will speak about heart health at 12:30 pm, followed by her monthly blood pressure clinic.

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 10:30 am, the first class in a series led by David Rhoderick. “Classical Music is for You” is devoted to the appreciation of classical music. Some classes will include live musical performances. All who want to listen and learn are welcome; no experience necessary. At 4 pm, Jeff Nason and Philip Weinstein will lead an informal discussion group for committed readers who want to understand the history, context, assumptions, and resonance of great modern novels. Sign-up is required for the Reading Great Modern Novels Study Group. Please call Jeff at 617 285-3160 or email jnasonmd@gmail.com.

Thursday, Jan. 10, 4:30 pm, Suzan Bellincampi from Felix Neck will talk about her new book, “The Nature of Martha’s Vineyard.” Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to start dating everything 2019.