Poet’s Corner: Steve’s Cars


By Linda Bergeron Freedman

Under the hood there sits a thinker

Only to fix the wires and tinker

Which car will I do today he said

With a smile he starts to plan in his head

Is it blue, or red or is it brown

The question creates a mighty frown

I want them all to be done tonite

If wishes come true oh what a delight

The wheels are turning in his head

VW or Mustang or Karmann Ghia he said

They’re fun to fix and drive away

To cruise up-island on a beautiful day

The smiles you get from other cars

Is much more fun than sitting in bars

I want to help you with your fixing

Not in the kitchen baking and mixing

I enjoy the oil, smell and the gas

Plus hanging with you is such a blast

The cars in my future and in my past

Are all stored upstairs the memories to last

The tools and the wires and the plugs

Keep the coffee filled in our mugs

With Marley the dog by our side

Secretly hoping soon for a ride

Born and raised here, Linda Bergeron Freedman works as special aide at the Center for Living’s Supportive Day Program. She loves her job there.