Richard Limber’s art invades MVTV

Courtesy Richard Limber

Local artist Richard Limber brings his art to MVTV for a monthlong exhibit that’ll be on display through January. On Friday, Jan. 18, he hosts an opening reception from 4 to 6 pm at the community television studio located at 58 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Rd.

Limber’s images are primarily ink on wet paper. He utilizes prominent, quick lines with intentional smudges and spontaneous drips and bleeds. His images are mostly abstract, and represent human-like figures and close-ups.

“I hardly use brushes,” Limber told The Times. “I have my own peculiar way of working — somewhere between drawing and painting. It keeps me on my toes.”

His work conveys imagery up to the viewer’s interpretation. It sometimes represents characters and situations of current political affairs. Images from his most recent exhibit, “Political Objective Art,” will be on display alongside older and more recent pieces.

“I want viewers to be surprised,” he said. “I want people to move from one image to the next, and walk away with something memorable and worthwhile. That’s the whole idea.”

The exhibit is also in support of community television. Limber is a member of MVTV. He’s utilized the station’s training sessions and equipment rentals to assist in another aspect of his artistry — video. His exhibit is in part a response to the recent Federal Communication Commission (FCC) decision to potentially defund public-access television stations across the U.S.

“When I hung the show a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that the people working there were under pressure,” Limber said. “They carry on, but in the back of their minds, they have to worry about job security.”

Part of his exhibit is bringing more community awareness around MVTV, and its creative and community-oriented offerings.

“They did so much for me, so now I’m trying to do something for them as well,” Limber said.

The MVTV gallery space is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. For more information on Richard Limber, visit For more information on MVTV, visit