A bountiful harvest of donations


To the Editor:

Once again the Island Food Pantry sends a huge shout-out to everyone who gave donations so freely throughout the holidays and continuing into the New Year. The Ritz had a spectacular fundraising evening for us. Sports Haven, the Hob Knob Inn, and the Charter School all contributed food donations.The Barn delivered a huge load of turkeys. Noah Glasgow spearheaded a great chocolate fundraiser with the Falmouth Academy. Rainy Day has run multiple food drives in December, and now again in February, while LeRoux has just completed its. M.V. Bank and Mone Insurance both ran great food drives. Ocean Breeze contributed needed cleaning of the three-door freezer, which was donated by J.B. Blau. Thank you to J.B. and to Craig Carroll for transporting it. Slice of Life (whom we will mightily miss) gave us all their remaining food.

And, of course, the Gatchell family of Oak Bluffs ran another spectacular light display, yielding 42 boxes of donated food, along with a significant cash donation from all their visitors. So many religious organizations remembered us, with Grace Episcopal Church especially generous. A finally a big thank-you to the MVRHS Honor Society, with a huge food drive at all of the Island grocery stores this weekend.

We are now entering our leanest months of the year for food needs. Fuel costs are high, and jobs are at their lowest. At the pantry, we are striving to continue healthy selections for our members in need, and will do so with the continued help of our great community.

Thank you to each and every one for your support,


Margaret Hannemann, director
Island Food Pantry