DPW employee saved the day


I would like to share my deepest thanks, from the bottom of my heart, with Richard Roy, an employee with the Department of Public Works, for finding and turning in my purse to the Tisbury Police Department.

As any woman can attest, her purse contains her life.

The Tisbury Police Department then called the Chilmark Police, who so kindly came to my door to personally inform me.

All this before I even realized I had left it on the hood of my car at Cronig’s and driven away. All this before I had even realized what I had done and had time to freak out.

I feel so blessed and so very grateful to everyone, especially Richard Roy, to whom I would like to give a big hug and my most humble thanks.

We were away for almost two and a half weeks. We weren’t able to get back on the Island due to weather, and had to incur extra costs, another day of travel, etc.

My husband is in the process of losing his dad, and was stressed about getting back to work … another, more unfortunate outcome with my purse would have been the last straw.

The Department of Public Works in Tisbury has a valuable, kind, honest man in Mr. Roy, who took the time to turn in my purse as soon as he found it. Hope he knows what a special human being he is.

Again, thank you all so very, very much.


Deborah K. Silliman Wass