Make SSA meetings convenient for islanders


To the Editor:

The following was emailed to Sean Driscoll, cc to Marc Hanover of the SSA:

As communications director, you should be insisting that the meeting set for this Saturday — and frankly all meetings — be held at the port with the most traffic. Island residents are most affected by SSA activities and have a right to easy access to these meetings. At the very least meetings should be alternated between the Vineyard and Nantucket, with ferry transport directly between the islands. The exception would be those meetings that specifically involve another municipality, such as the discussions regarding the Woods Hole terminal.

It is quite unconscionable the degree to which SSA customers’ convenience is routinely ignored.  The SSA exists to serve the islands. Meetings should be at islanders’ convenience not the [board] nor SSA management and staff. While busing folks to Hyannis may seem like an accommodation, consider that the entire round trip would consume the better part of a day.

Doug Ruskin
West Tisbury