Chilmark hunter cuts plea deal on multiple charges

Lev Wlodyka agreed to surrender his crossbow as part of a plea deal Friday. —Crossbow Productions

A Chilmark man has admitted sufficient facts in Edgartown District Court to multiple hunting charges as part of a plea deal. The charges date back to a night in November 2017 when Chilmark Police found Lev Wlodyka deer hunting from a vehicle with a crossbow on North Road. Wlodyka was subsequently charged with hunting with an improper weapon (crossbow), hunting from a vehicle, hunting without a license, hunting with artificial light, hunting on posted property, and trespassing.

Before Judge J. Thomas Kirkman, Wlodyka agreed to forfeit the crossbow police found in his possession, and to a one-year probation period. The charges of trespassing and hunting on posted property were dismissed at the request of Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe’s office. The remaining charges were continued without a finding for one year.

Wlodyka’s attorney, Robert Moriarty, declined to comment on the case.

Wlodyka and Chilmark Police Chief Jonathan Klaren could not immediately be reached for comment.