Getting help for the Ponte family

A fundraiser for hockey mom Erica Ponte will be held at the P.A. Club on Friday, March 15. –MV Times file photo

A fundraiser for Erica Ponte and her family will be held at the P.A. Club on Friday, March 15, from 7 to 10 pm. Erica Ponte is fighting a battle with cancer, and members of the community want to help alleviate some of the financial burdens and provide solace for the family.

Ponte’s children, Hunter and Shelby, both play hockey at MVRHS. Members of the Island hockey community have stepped up to provide meals and financial and emotional support over the past year.

An email from the Vineyard Hockey Booster Club reads, “As many of you are aware, Erica Ponte and her family have been waging a war against cancer for almost a year now, on the heels of Kenny’s diabetes-related double transplant surgery and Erica’s double hip surgery.”

Tickets for the fundraiser are $25 and include appetizers, a cash bar, a live DJ, scratch ticket raffles, and a 50/50 raffle.

The email continues, “Thank you in advance to all those who have stepped up and continue to lead through example. You will never know how much it has meant to the Ponte family (and those who care deeply for them) to be able to lean on all of you for support during this time of need.”

Jeanne Rogers is an organizer for the fundraiser, and part of the Ponte family fundraising committee. Rogers said she has known Ponte and her family since she moved to Martha’s Vineyard.

“We were both stay-at-home moms, that’s how we first met,” Rogers said. “We would babysit each other’s kids, and became very close right away.”

Rogers’ and Ponte’s children played hockey together, so the two grew even closer.

Rogers said the Pontes are a strong family, but they need the support of their community.

“Erica is so strong,” Rogers said. “She does the best she can with a really bad situation. We are hoping for miracles and just trying to stay positive.”