MVRHS baseball coach replaced

Crossland to take over team this spring.


The coach of the MVRHS boys varsity baseball team, Gary Simmons, has been replaced by Kyle Crossland, based on a personnel decision by school officials.

Athletic director Mark McCarthy declined to comment on the matter except for saying that he thinks Simmons “did a great job with the team,” and that he looks forward to seeing Crossland in action.

Jeremy Light, an assistant principal at MVRHS, also declined comment.

But parents tell a different story. One mother, who says her children were coached by Simmons, told The Times he would often become irate with student athletes and berate them for “no apparent reason.”

The parent said Simmons had a “very negative attitude,” and would get frustrated and upset at players if things weren’t going smoothly during games or practices. “He wouldn’t support players by having a positive outlook, he would just yell at them and make them feel bad,” the parent said.

Reached Tuesday, Simmons declined to comment.

One issue the parent noted was that there is no formal review process for coaches where student input is received and documented. “There should be some way to determine whether these people are really doing their jobs,” she said.

The parent said a few traits she’d like to see in a coach are leadership, respect, knowledge of the game, and positivity.



  1. I have no dog in this fight but it seems the Times based the story on the experience of one player on this team. Sounds like he may have been a snowflake unhappy with his participation trophy!

    • So you think the school officials replaced a longtime coach over the complaint of one parent? We spoke to multiple parents, but only one in detail.

  2. BS. If you only knew..long time coming. Best wishes to Kyle and the Baseball program moving forward, in a positive direction.

  3. Mr Brennan, obviously you feel guilt with your decision or you would not be defending it. Normally if you feel you did the right thing, you would not feel the need to defend.. At least that is the way I have chose to run my life. Shame on you and other’s in you gaggle..

  4. What a shame. This is not news beyond the headline. The fact that the author chose to highlight one parental opinion and a series of “no comments” is poor journalism at best and could be written about any person in the public’s eye at any time. Parents are incapable of complete objectivity in regard to their kids. Journalists should take more care.

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