Edgartown: Honoring Black History Month


I missed you all last week. I was out straight busy and honestly, sometimes the mindset of busy and grumpy is hard to overcome, and writer’s block sets in. As I sat down to write last week, I came up blank, so I spared you all. This week is a new week, though, and we keep trudging forward.

Amelia and I ventured off to Lowell this past weekend for our first dance competition of the 2019 season. We weren’t sure she’d make it, given the relapses she has suffered with her knees and her broken foot, but she managed to eke it out. She competed in six numbers, and everyone on the whole team did great. It’s wonderful that they get awards and come home with bling, but really, the joy comes from seeing them together as a team. It’s not like school sports and such, where kids tend to get a lot of recognition and can be seen doing what they love. These girls give up a great deal to be part of the competition team, putting in countless hours working on their skills and grace, give up family gatherings and special events to spend their weekends in the dance studio, and make sacrifices that are sometimes very difficult for kids to make. I’m so proud of all of them.

I was very emotional watching “the littles” on stage on Saturday. It seems like yesterday that Amelia was a 6-year-old competing for the first time. Now she is almost 17. She’s a seasoned competitor, and next year, the curtain will close on this evolution of our lives. It has been an amazing ride. Sometimes, exhausting and frustrating. Sometimes heartbreaking, like the time her music stopped and she kept going, or the time she fell in her solo. Other times, it’s exhilarating. All told, I’m so grateful that she has had this opportunity, and that we have made dear friends in our Rise VPA family. I will embrace all that we have left in the next year and a half, and pray for strong knees and no more broken bones.

The Offshore Ale Co. has been kind enough to hold a Dine to Donate for the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s junior class prom today, Thursday Feb. 21, from lunch until 8:30 pm. Show them this voucher, MVRHS Junior Prom_OffshoreAleCo D2D Ticket 2.21.19.pdf, and 20 percent of your purchase will go to the class of 2020’s prom! Please support this Island business and the Junior Prom Dance Fund. Spread the word!

The Edgartown Federated Church will honor Black History Month by having Dr. Walter Collier, D.P.A., as a guest speaker following the Sunday service on Feb. 24. Dr. Collier is a longtime island resident whose recent book, “Why Racism Persists: An Uncomfortable Truth”(2017), will be the basis of his presentation. Dr. Collier did an earlier presentation this month at the Oak Bluffs Public Library, sponsored by the M.V. Chapter of the NAACP, League of Women Voters, and the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. This presentation is sponsored by the Diaconate of Federated Church.

After the church service, coffee will be served in the Meetinghouse narthex, followed by the talk by Dr. Collier, lasting 30 to 40 minutes, followed by 20 to 30 minutes for questions and answers. The Meetinghouse is located at 45 South Summer St., Edgartown. Following the program, all are welcome to partake in the free community lasagna luncheon, which is served in the Parish House from 12:30 to 2:00 pm. For more information, email them at officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com or call 508-627-4421.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Erik Bruguiere on Feb. 16, Caroline Moffet and Jerry Fritz on Feb. 17, and Jonathan Polleys on Feb. 23.

The Edgartown School had another amazing schoolwide spelling bee last week. Wow, can some of these kids spell. This year’s participants were Nolan Murphy, Brooklyn Petersen, Kayla Bundza, Addison McDonough, Nazare McIntosh, Syius Rigali, Alex Walsh, M.J. Magaraci, Victor DeSouza, Clara Cabral, and Clarissa Pinto. Clarissa came out the victor in the end, with Nazare coming in as the runner-up, after a hard-fought battle. Congratulations to all the kids for being part of this prestigious event.

Next week is school vacation week, when much of the population of Martha’s Vineyard disappears for anywhere from a few days to a week or more. I wish you all happy and safe travels, wherever you are heading. And to those remaining here, enjoy the down time that a good “staycation” brings.

Have a wonderful week ahead.