Fernandes appointed to climate-conscious committees


Rep. Dylan Fernandes, D-Falmouth, will sit on four separate committees during his second term; the committees focus on energy policy, utilities, and addressing the issues of climate change and global warming in the commonwealth, according to a press release from Fernandes’ office.

The four committees Fernandes has been assigned to include Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy; Global Warming and Climate Change; Post Audit and Oversight, and Redistricting.

“The single greatest issue facing my generation and my children’s generation is climate change and global warming,” Fernandes said in the release. “I am honored to sit on committees that will help prioritize sustainability and move Massachusetts to a 100 percent renewable energy future.”

Fernandes has filed several environmental bills, including ones prohibiting offshore drilling in Massachusetts waters, reducing single-use plastics in state buildings and agencies, and allowing the 104 independent public retirement systems in Massachusetts to divest in part or full from fossil fuel companies.

He also filed a bill that aims to protect ratepayers by compensating them, and educating them about their private utility lines.

The bill mandates real estate agents disclose private utility information during home sales, and ensures that utility companies notify ratepayers whether their poles are privately owned on their utility bill.