Glassworks closes to clean up smoke damage

A fire at Martha's Vineyard Glassworks has closed the shop. — Rich Saltzberg

Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks will be closed to the public until April following a small fire that filled its cellar with smoke. The fire was caused by a small tabletop machine, West Tisbury Fire Chief Manuel Estrella III said. That fire left the cellar “chock-full of smoke,” he said. One of the glassworkers saw smoke issuing from the side of the building by happenstance, he said, and caught the fire before it could spread.

“We suffered a small electrical fire on the evening of Feb. 5 in the Glassworks’ basement,” the Glassworks “crew” wrote in a recent statement. “Everyone is fine, and the building structure is not damaged. However, the smoke damage is severe, and throughout the building. As such, we will not be open for walk-in traffic until the first part of April. Please feel free to visit our new website, or email us for assistance.”

Glassworks owner Mark Weiner told The Times the fire was caused by a “small signing tool” for glass “with lithium-ion batteries inside.”