Tisbury: Spring peepers

Heard on Main Street: Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Spring is only weeks away. But. Have you been on-Island in the spring? We cheer the spring peepers. They like things cold and damp. The forsythia waits a very long time to blossom here. Even daffodils take their time to bloom.

Years ago we lived near Washington, D.C. By March the sunshine coming in the windows offers some warmth. In New England the sunshine can be bright and pretty this time of year, but not warm.

One year I traveled down to Virginia in March. The forsythia was glorious on the Jersey Turnpike. I didn’t even know those scraggly bushes were forsythia before that trip. I came home through Maryland and Pennsylvania, where the yellow blossoms were just making their appearance. Through New York and Connecticut the roadside blooms were barely visible. But on-Island the little yellow blossoms made me wait long enough that I worried they wouldn’t come out. I was reassured they seemed happy to be forced when I cut some branches and brought them inside.

Can you help? Volunteers for Meals on Wheels deliver meals to seniors on weekdays, Monday through Friday. A volunteer is asked to commit to one route for one weekday a month. That takes about two hours, from 10 to noon, about four times a month. You can get mileage reimbursement. You usually deliver one day each week to a specific area on the Island. You would pick up meals at Elder Services in the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. For more, call 508-693-4393, ext. 192. Year-round, seasonal, and substitute drivers are needed.

I heard from an old friend last week. Mary Gillette has been off-Island about a year. She says she is now living in an apartment in Brookline with family nearby. She is happy to be able to walk to so many places, something she enjoyed when living here in town.

If you are hungry for good food and some good company, our Island churches invite you to supper every night, except for lasagna lunch on Sunday at the Federated Church. Supper is 5:30 Monday at St. Andrew’s, Tuesday at Chilmark Church, and Wednesday at the West Tisbury Congregational Church. Dinner at 5 pm on Thursday at St. Augustine’s, and Friday at Grace Church. Go to Trinity Park parish house for supper at 5:30 on Saturday. Most of this stops the end of this month.

If you do not use a cane, you cannot know how awkward it can be. You’d need to be an octopus to hold the cane and a parcel in the other hand while you attempt to open a door.

Spring is Daffodil Time, the M.V. Cancer Support Group’s fundraiser. All profits are donated to year-round Island cancer patients in need. Bunches of daffodils for $10 each will be available on Friday, March 15, from 11 to 2 in the M.V. Hospital lobby, and on Saturday, March 16, from 9 to 4 at Cronig’s Market in Vineyard Haven, Reliable Market, and Stop & Shop in Edgartown. Also plan on dining out on Thursday, March 21, when the Ocean View will donate 10 percent of all dinner proceeds to this group. More at 617-947-1858.

A program to benefit homeowners and renters is offered at 4 pm on Monday, March 12, at the Vineyard Haven library. Learn about rebates and incentives, no-cost Home Energy Assessment, and 100 percent renewable power supply.

The Luce Play Readers will present “Lost in Yonkers,” a memory play set in 1942. The performance is at 7 pm next Wednesday, March 13, at the V.H. library. Refreshments too. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

And don’t forget to spring ahead by one hour on Saturday night, March 9, as we swing into daylight saving time. I like the idea of saving the daylight hours for when I can enjoy them.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Richard Brennan, who turned 90 this week. And to all of you whom I missed sending greetings to last month.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Evan Kristal. Tomorrow, wish the best to Michelle O’Donnell and Kasarah Bruni. Sunday belongs to Sue Merrill and Dorothy Gould. Dorothy was born at midnight, so she can party that day and the next. Wish the best on Monday to Whit Griswold, Nan Carter, Mark Daniels, and James Taylor. Tuesday is a special day for Barbara Howell, Janet Sylvia, and Kevin Voyer. These sound like they are all good party people.

Heard on Main Street: Don’t you miss the days when everything worked on an OFF or ON switch?