Tisbury: Spring is really coming


Heard on Main Street: If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

I only just noticed the wonderful improvement of the pedestrian walkway through the parking lot. The path is highlighted in yellow, which draws the eye immediately. Anyone will be much safer while walking along here.

I have nothing but praise for all those wonderful volunteers who help those of us who are seriously challenged when faced with income tax forms. This year especially I was floundering, and was astonished with how much was accomplished even if it did take a lot of help. One almost feels one should join AARP for setting up these sessions. Thanks to all of you who help those of us in need.

The one thing I love about cold weather is reading lots of books. This next Saturday is the monthly book sale from 11 to 3 at our library. They are even giving away free books by the door these days; there are a lot of good books to choose from. And you are supporting one of my favorite places.

At noon on Sunday, March 17, Nina Levin will lead a workshop on making sourdough at the Vineyard Haven library. You must register online or at the library to take part. At 2 pm on Sunday is the Drop-in Poetry Workshop, where you read and discuss two or more poems and then use those as models for in-class writing exercises. This is led by Donald Nitchie and Jill Jupen. There are two more poetry session the last two Sundays in March.

Everyone is talking about the program on “Quilts, Coverlets, and the American Experience” scheduled for next Tuesday, March 19, at the Vineyard Haven library at 7 pm. Pamela A. Parmal of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts will introduce an exhibit planned for 2020 with more than 50 iconic quilts. She will examine their complex history by going beyond aesthetics to reveal the lives of diverse Americans whose stories are rarely told.

Say it again and again: Spring is really coming. Those awfully cold days were good for something. They made me more aware that I am not nearly as uncomfortable in 40° weather as I thought. A little less wind and a lot more sun do wonders for all of us. Even the buds on the forsythia seem to be coming out faster.

Did you notice that the Net Result is offering Fish & Chips on Fridays again this year?

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Jay Segel and Jib Ellis, and also to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court, who will be 86. Saturday belongs to Austin Chandler, who turns 21 if my math is correct. Also wish the best to Bow Van Riper on Saturday. Happy birthday to Matthew Barton and Ben Bartolini on Monday. Celebrating on Tuesday are Lois Kavanagh, Susan Mone, and Susan Weyl. Sheri Thomas and Phoenix Russell share a special day on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Be nice, or your hard drive will kill your mouse.