Peter Pan can fix policy


To the Editor:

I am writing to respond to the Peter Pan letter written by general manager Peter Picknelly (March 18, “Nothing punitive about Peter Pan’s reservations”) to highlight one failure he does not address, and offer Peter Pan a way to fix it. I have a feeling someone from that company will be reading.

If your flight is delayed or comes in late, by several hours, or over the “deadline” that is now set, the existing Peter Pan policy does not offer a satisfactory policy — the limits are far too small. The Steamship Authority allows one free change, why not Peter Pan? Especially since Peter Pan has now claimed no other transportation outfit offers value and service like they do! We need security that if we miss our flights, or our flights are late by more than the predetermined time, there is a safety net for those of us who have purchased a ticket for Peter Pan. It is unfair without having to think about it, to lose money on a bus ticket simply due to airline issues.

Peter Pan must change its policy to reflect fairness when dealing with late flights — or early arrivals, for that matter. Period. There is no excuse to create a disruption in travel for valued customers, and that includes a fake charge for planes that are delayed from landing on time.

Dean Rosenthal