Disturbing lack of civility


To the Editor:
I noticed no mention in your article of the harassment that some schoolchildren received while peacefully protesting their government’s policies on climate change last week. In at least one case, a driver in a pickup truck drove slowly past a group of picketing sixth graders, giving them the finger all the while. I am shocked at this lack of civility and respect for the basic American right to protest being practiced by these 12-year-olds. Competing views on science and politics are inevitable in a thriving democracy, but bullying and intimidating 12-year-olds is cowardly and un-American. Principled debate is at the heart of our founders’ vision for this country. If this driver would like to have an educated, open-minded, and respectful exchange of views with another adult, I’m not hard to find.

Gary Maynard
Vineyard Haven