Don’t obstruct wind farm development


To the Editor:

I was so inspired by my children and the dozens of other Island students who rallied across the Vineyard on Friday to call for action on climate change. They joined over 1 million other young people all over the world who participated in the March 15 Strike for Climate. This generation understands, as we all should, that the science is clear: Climate change is already happening due to human activities, and we must make sweeping changes to transition off fossil fuels in the next 10 to 12 years to prevent catastrophe.

This will be an enormous heavy lift, and it is going to take all of us acting in as many creative, impactful ways we can, immediately and in our own communities, to make the changes our kids’ future depends on.

One of the most powerful contributions that we can make as Vineyard residents is to support (or at least not obstruct) the construction of the offshore wind developments being proposed in the waters near our Island. To stop burning fossil fuels, we must add renewable energy to the system — lots of it, and fast. These offshore wind farms are not the silver bullet that will stop climate change — there is no one silver bullet — but they are one critical part of the solution we need if we are to answer the call of our children to do all we can about the climate crisis before it’s too late.


Noli Taylor