Aquinnah: Shuttle up-Island


The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival was a great time this past weekend. Lots of good movies, many of which had ties to the Vineyard. Favorites included “The Biggest Little Farm,” an inspiring tale about a couple who create a traditional farm in California, “Amazing Grace,” about Aretha Franklin, and of course, Len and Georgia Morris’ “Children of Bal Ashram.” I saw Lisa Vanderhoop volunteering in the kitchen, and she told me about her nephew’s wedding in Dublin. I also caught up with Juli Vanderhoop, who recently returned from visiting her son, Emerson, in New Zealand. Emerson is back now as well, and is making plans for the summer. I always think of the Film Festival as the demarcation line between the off-season and the on-season here. When the festival begins, it’s still winter, but when it ends, it’s spring and time to get ready for the summer.

There are the regularly scheduled events at the library this week: Story Time on Thursday at 3:30 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am, Kids’ Craft on Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, and the Afterschool Club on Tuesday at 4 pm. On Saturday, April 6, at noon, there will be a “Poetry Drop-In.” Led by Chilmark poet Donald Nitchie, who will be assisted by Aquinnah poet Carole Vandal, people will be asked to read two or more poems and then use those poems as a starting place for their own poems. This sounds like a great workshop, hope to see everyone there.

Get ready, music fans, it’s “Piano Weekend” at Pathways. There are two piano events; the first is “One Piano, Three Pianists” on Friday, March 29. It features the musicians Griffin McMahon, Peter Halperin, Paul Thurlow, and special guest Nancy Jephcote. The second event is on Sunday, March 31, and it is the highly anticipated “Three Pianos, Many Pianists.” This concert is held annually, and is curated by David Stanwood. Players include Frank Wilkins, Cleopatra Wilkins, Wes Nagy, Taurus Biskis, Kastutus Biskis, and Andy Herr. Both events start at 7 pm. On Tuesday, April 2, there will be a “Writing and Lyrics Evening” at Pathways with Clark Myers, Donald Nitchie, Justen Ahren, Dan Waters, and Jemima James.

Do you live down-Island, want to attend the cool events at Pathways, but don’t want to drive? Now there is a free shuttle available on event nights. Meet at the MVRHS (the Edgartown side) at 6:15 pm and look for the Stagecoach Taxi. It will take you to the event and bring you back down when the event is over.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, come by the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse and see a small cast (including myself) perform “Romeo and Juliet.” It may be the final Shakespeare for the Masses performance of the year …

One last March birthday: Heidi Vanderhoop on the 30th. I’m tempted to make a “going out like a lamb” joke here, but I think it’s not going to come out right, so I’ll just say, Happy birthday, Heidi.