Edgartown: Warmer temps are coming


I have so much trouble dressing in the spring and fall. I’m freezing in the morning, roasting by midday, chilly in the late afternoon, and cold again in the evening. I dress one way and end up regretting it. The bright sunshine fools me into thinking it is warmer out than it really is. Still, those warmer temps are coming, and in the sunshine and out of the wind, it can be quite lovely. Add to that the singing birds, the robins I’ve seen, the pinkletinks I’ve heard with my own happy ears, the flowers blooming, and my Pop back out on his bicycle this morning, and it spells spring without a doubt. Could I be so bold as to ask for some 50° days too?

Congratulations and welcome to Shelley Einbinder-Fleischmann, who has been selected as the next principal of the Edgartown School when John Stevens retires at the end of the year. Before moving into administration positions, Ms. Einbinder-Fleischmann worked as a music teacher and then a special education teacher. Two years ago, she and her husband purchased a house here with the desire to move to the Island full-time. We welcome them to our community and our school.

The Rise Company Showcase was such a delight to watch today. The competition weekends are always somewhat crazy and chaotic, and we don’t always get to see all of the dance pieces. All my backstage work was done early on, bringing food, Advil, ice packs, and such to my always a bit gimpy dancer. Other than that, I was not needed, so I bought a ticket and watched the whole show. Amelia has danced since she was 3 years old, and I think this was the second show that I’ve seen beginning to end. And it was a treat. I’m not so quietly proud of my girl, her teammates, and her teachers. And ever so grateful for the magic and beauty.

There will be a Neighborhood Convention on Tuesday, April 2, at 11 am at Grace Episcopal Church in Vineyard Haven. The topic will be Martha’s Vineyard Haiti Fish Farm Project, with Margaret Penicaud. All are welcome. Bring a lunch.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Ruth Nichols on March 27 and the Edgartown School’s Ryan Leandro and Nancy Cole on March 30.

Next week is officially MCAS week for our students. They will be taking the ELA MCAS between Tuesday and Friday, with makeups the following week. If you have a student in the third through eighth grades, you can help them do their best on these exams by getting them a good night’s sleep the night before and a healthy breakfast each morning. And remind them that it’s just a snapshot into who they are and what they can do. While the tests are important, they are not what we love about all of our kids. We love them for their talents, their humor, their curiosity, their creativity, their kindness, and their adventurous spirits. Teachers see the whole student, not just test scores. Sometimes it seems like we lose sight of those things during testing season.

I’m very late with the column this week, if it even makes it in. My apologies to the production staff. Life unexpectedly got in the way this week. So I’ll sign off here. Have a great week. Enjoy the weekend. I hear it’s supposed to be warm. We’ll be in scenic Tewksbury for our final dance competition of the year. See you all when we get back.